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June 2024
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Online Tailoring Services

How does Wide Thread Tailoring Services work after booking?
  • Online Tailoring Services - Fashion Design and Tailoring - Bespoke Tailor & Tailoring


    First of all while your booking has been confirmed, our tailor will come to you at the scheduled time, also the tailor will take measurements and pick your fabric.

  • Online Tailoring Services - Fashion Design and Tailoring - Bespoke Tailor & Tailoring


    Secondly outfit will be stitched under experts guidance, Exactly as you had ordered  with a touch of love.

  • Online Tailoring Services - Fashion Design and Tailoring - Bespoke Tailor & Tailoring


    Third: stitching the outfit will be delivered finally at your place, and if there will be any alteration require, the tailor will redo again and also will deliver it at your place.

Why choose Wide Thread?

SUIT / BLAZER Custom Tailored

First of all as our custom tailored Suit & Blazer are supplied by Wide Thread Bespoke Tailors, they are of a premium quality and will stand the test of time. We are so confident in the quality of our custom tailored or fitted shirts, also we offer a 30-day guarantee. So when you decide to use our custom tailor services, surely it will be hand tailored to your measurements and your designs. Also Wide’s objective is offer you a quality custom tailored shirt that is affordable and painless to order. even more with our 30-day guarantee so you can try the Wide Thread custom tailored Suit & Blazer with nothing to lose! seems like great right^_^.

Bespoke Tailors

SHIRTS & POLO Custom Tailored

Because of the problem with off-the-rack online shirts, apart from the inflated prices, for the reason that these shirts won’t fit you. They’re made to fit everyone’s build, whether boxer or butcher. But the problem is that you’re not everyone. You’re you, furthermore you need a bespoke shirt tailored to your contours, whatever they may be. Likewise this leads us to made-to-measure shirts, also known as bespoke or custom tailored. Whatever term the shirtmaker uses, also you can be guaranteed that buying your shirt tailor made will leave you with a well-fitting shirt that you feel good in and finally that will serve you for years.

Fashion Design and Tailoring

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